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I had two 100's this week in my classes. I feel like I've gotten my rhythem, finally :) Now, I just need to maintain it til December...

My neck is in bad shape, and I'm having alot of pain lately. At least some of the problem is school, or rather, hours spent hunched over books, taking notes. I need to somehow rig something so I can have my books at a 45 degree angle when I study. That, and religiously use heat packs on my neck to keep it relaxed.

Look at this!! Dakota's dragon has wings...but not much time. Thank you all for the clickies...please, I beg you as sweetly as I can, please continue!!!
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oooooh look, a purple egg....

Today was fun. I aquired a gorgeous grey blouse that makes me feel....Mmmmmm :) We also did some Christmas shopping at Barnes and Noble :) The grocery shopping was also done. Tomorrow will be very busy. We will be top-to-bottom cleaning the apartment because it's in dire need. The boys want to separate their beds, so we must get everything up off the floor, vac the whole room, put the dressers in the closet, get all their stuff into plasic bins for under the beds storage, and then move the beds. This will be...interesting. I'm thankful that it's going to remain warm tomorrow, so I can air the place out as we clean :)

This evening was lovely...so crisp and clear, with spiciness and leaves scenting the air. It felt as though my insides were being cleansed by the air, and it felt sensual and exciting. I can't put into words just how much I love this time of year...I wish it lasted longer!

Methinks I will turn in early tonight...my bed seems to me warm and inviting tonight.

Calling all dragon lovers...

We need some help.

If you have friends who want to help hatch dragons, please direct them here :) It would make my boys very, very happy to have some hatched and mature dragons...especially since allergies prevent us having normal pets.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Thank you!!!! *loves and hugs*


I'm getting a wooonnnnnderful neck rub right now. There is now hope for my work day :)

I get to go see my very special doctor, the chiropractor, after work, and then to school for massive studying, though this chapter wasn't too difficult. It was mostly about sex...no problems there. I can't wait for the lecture tonight.

My husband is a freak...he read the last bit and said "but it might be a HARD test." Oy.

I'm putting out a call to those of you who are computer savvy...you know who you are. I am in the market for a new(er) computer. I like the Mac format, so I'm looking to remain with it. I've decided against a laptop for now. I mostly need lots of ram(?) for music and assignments I wish to keep, and a fast processor, Road Runner or wireless capable...whichever is the more practical...and if we can find one, an inexpensive flat screen monitor so I'm not constantly having my head at an odd angle...that might help my current neck issues. I want to spend as little as possible on this, so I am not at all opposed to a used machine. As I am not up on computer lingo, I would request help in this, or at least suggestions at this point.

Ack!!! Almost there......

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C'mon egg!!!

Today was pretty good at work. I remembered to do Aldi shopping, and I read my chapter. YAY!!!

Laundry, hear I come.

Monday Monday

I have no desire to go to work, but it's a short week, so it can't be all bad :)

My little family is growing...
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Hopefully the third guardian hatches :/

Today's things to do:
work, go to Aldi's for a few things, read chapter in Psychology, make dinner, fold laundry, collapse, hopefully in this exact order :)


It's gorgeous outside...autumn chill, bright colors all around, spiciness at the places I like to go. I wish it didn't go away so fast.

Speaking of autumn, the Husband and I are discussing a possible family excursion to Kelly's Apple Farm in Hilton to get pumpkins, apples and cider. We're thinking 10/18. Would anyone be interested in going with us?

We're so excited...look at this!!!
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Thank you all for the clickies...keep them coming! Hopefully the third egg cracks soon.

There is soup in the crock pot...it smells gooooooood :)


So, I was tooling around Facebook, trying to figure it out.Collapse )

I didn't go to work today. My neck hurt too much. I went to my special doctor, the chiropractor, to fix me again. It helped quite alot...it's nice to be able to move my head again, and to be migraine free. I go back on Tuesday, after work, before class.

Look, signs of cracking!!! Please, keep knocking on their shells...we want baby dragons!!
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My belly is unhappy...ought to go to bed now. Yes, sleep good. Prayer good....acceptance good.

Make my dragons pop!!!

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Work was hell.

Visit with friends was nice.

Sociology is getting crazy.

I can't get rid of the migraine I've had for the last 2 days.

Work may not happen tomorrow...may opt to see the chiropractor who can make it all better.

Time to go home.
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Clickie me babies, please!!! *begs pretty*

Last night was a riot :) The unit was on physiology of the brain and stress. Somehow, the conversation went to penises, ejaculation and wolves. According to evolutionary ideas, the smaller a mammal's gonads, the better chance he will be monogamous. My response to this ( yes, verbal...still cringing ) was that dating shows like the Bachelorette should apply this to one of the contestant challenges...have all the guys drop trou, do some measurements, and the guy with the smallest sac gets the one-on-one date, since he would be less likely to have an extramarital affair.

I realllllly ought to think before I speak.

I also learned just how much Joss Whedon is awesome. There is a small segment in the mid brain called the amygdala (sp?) which regulates aggression. It is possible ( this has apparently been done...ethics questionable ) to have a 'chip' connecting to the part of the brain that says PAIN from the amygdala that when agression happens, pain happens. Spike's chip is plausable!!!

And the lonely study time was fruitful...I got a 95.

Next week, chapter 10...I wonder if it will be as...interesting...


...of my very mine...

Clickies, please??!!?

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

EDIT: ok, no more eggs :) One for each of us is sufficient :)


Writer's Block: One Hit Wonder Day

Today's National One Hit Wonder Day. Whole albums or entire ouvres can be quite impressive, but more often than not, individual songs have the largest impact on us. Which one hit wonders have played a major role in your life?
There are a few...
"Don't You Forget About Me" - Simple Minds
"Bittersweet Symphony" - The Verve
"Missing You" - John Waite
"Safety Dance" - Men Without Hats :)
Wow....oh my word, wow.

I don't know what it was we did to inspire such love and generosity, from those close to us, and some who we have never met. It's grand and lovely, and a blessing the likes of which will remind us, for a looooooong time, that there are amazing people in the world, and that we are fortunate enough to know them.

Thank you! All of you!! A million times, thank you!!!! You all have brought me to my knees in utter amazement and gratitude, and I can't say thank you enough, so I'll say it again. Please direct folks to this post, if you know them and know that I don't!!! *still in absolute amazement!!*

Thank you!!!! *hugs and loves and blessings*

To all of you....

....from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Somehow, those words don't seem like enough to express how I feel, but I can't think of other words. Our circumstances could be considered bad luck. If that is the case, then you, my friends, are the good luck that balance it out.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


...who would you cast, in the (extremely unlikely) event of a major motion picture??? The ONLY person I have an opinion on is Melisande. Angelina Jolie MUST play her!

Any ideas?


Find Out Which Disney Girl You Are!
created with QuizFarm.com
You scored as Belle

Dancing furniture, singing spoons, and a man who needs a serious haircut - sound familiar? Well it should! Belle was a very independent spirit with alot on her mind, much like you are! But in life, there is a needed balance - learn when to speak your mind, and when to hold it back. Sometimes offending someone isn't the best way to go!















Snow White


Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)













HAPPY BIRTHDAY ecwoodburn!!!!!!!!

I hope it's a great day. I wish I could be there to help celebrate...*hugs*...but know that we love you!!! *more hugs, and yet more hugs :)*


Meme mimi

A meme, ganked from dawnstar: They say that brevity is the soul of wit. Time to test that. Respond to this post and I will give you the three words that I think MOST accurately describe you. ( Repost, if you're feeling so inspired. )

EDIT - Ok, we're off for the day. I will respond more tomorrow. *huuuuugggggs*


*insert happy face*

It makes a huge difference when sleep happens :) The nasty migraine went away without medicinal help, and the wooziness is gone.

Today, I'm taking the boys to Corbett's Glen Nature Park in Penfield...Chris ( the nephew ) has not been there yet, and my kids have been clamoring to go, and this would be a good day to do it. We're keeping Chris overnight, so it will fit in with the travel aspect. I am looking much forward!! *also would like to bring lovies of the friend nature to Corbett's!! Must plan a field trip.*

For having not made any major plans for the summer, I'm amazed at just how busy it's been, and will continue to be. It's good...it's keeping us all from being bored

*loves and hugs, and extra smushy snuggles for some lovies having a hard go of it right now...you know who you are*


Shameless...utterly shameless....

If you want my body, and you think I'm sexy, c'mon sugar let me know ;)

...because I don't know what else to say right now, because I can, because I'm in touch with my inner smartass right now...HI!!!



Computer access is my friend today :)

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Yule...have a good one. Much love and happiness to you all :)


Party at my house, I won't be home :0

hbbtrbbtbcnbt's Halloween party:

abyssmalloner dressed as Tiffani-AmberThiessen.
adrianpaendrag dressed as a pitcher for the Indians.
alierak didn't even show up and doesn't get any candy.
blackfelicula dressed as a new member of the Wu-Tang Clan, Thunderous Hunter.
dawnstar didn't even show up and doesn't get any candy.
ecwoodburn dressed as a bear.
edrick dressed as an iPod.
hbbtrbbtbcnbt dressed as Ozzy Osbourne.
joshua_aston dressed as a disturbing self-made character called "Zsa-Zsa Pizzalips".
kareila dressed as the King of Sierra Leone.
kolys dressed as a magic pudding.
ladyportia1500 forgot to put on clothes!
lite dressed as the Rude Power Ranger.
marared dressed as William Taft, though it looked more like a bear.
mechanchaos dressed as a ghost.
nellwyn dressed as Cho Chang.
rowanwood dressed as Yu-Gi-Oh.
shockwave dressed as a Cueco, Ltd. employee.
tearsinger dressed as Matt Damon.
thenowhere dressed as the Governor of Florida.
unadesaintluc dressed as Nicole Kidman.

Throw your own party at the Hallomeme!
Created with phpNonsense

Weekend doings

The heaters are officially on, as of Saturday night. It got just a little too chilly in here for us, and that's with the beds fully blanketted and the pajamas on. I was hoping to hold out til November, but at the same time, this is the longest we've gone before needing them, so that's alright. I need to make a sign for my door to remind me to turn them down before I go to work. I try to remember this when I wake up, but I'm not always sucessful. I was told that if you lower the heat, to not go more than 6 degrees down. To heat it back up later won't make an appreciable savings. This coming weekend, we need to get some plastic sheeting for the sliding door. At least the other windows have storms, and those are in place.

I had some time to myself Saturday morning, so I slept waaaaaaay in. It was much needed. I also got some obscure housework done. And the shopping...in the pouring rain. Laundry happened in small scale Sunday, and ought to be finished today. I've been tired as of late...I think I'm fighting off whatever Matt is dealing with right now.

Sunday was the day of many meetings. We had a fellow visit who is very involved with missions, and he was talking about learning new languages, and made some comment that the only Greek most people knew was the owner of some really good local restaurant. I must have been in touch with my inner smart ass, because I commented back, "and if you follow the weather, you've met Alpha". What an insane hurricane season it's been, and it's more than a month from being done. If we get to Omega, I'll be freakin'.

I had 2 bras break this weekend. One at least can be repaired, but still. Grrr Arrrg.

I'm finished with Angel 2, and it was good :) I can't bring myself to watch much more of Buffy 5...it's just not nearly as good as I remembered it, though a few of the series' best eps are in this season. I'll watch the last two tonight, perhaps. I did break out my Buffy 1 last night :)

Ooooh.....I just learned that you can make a rue in advance and fridge it, and it will keep for a long time. This is very useful, since I use a rue when I make some soups and sauces :)

It's almost 11...time to get ready for work. *loves and hugs*


Consignment tour update...

After conversing with mechanchaos yesterday, I did some research. One of the nice things about living where I do is that I get not only the Rochester area phone book, but also ones from Wayne and Ontario counties :) As a result of said research, here is a list of what's in the local area. The italisized ones are those I have already been to:

Salvation Army store on Main Street
Lily's Consignment Shop on 5 and 20, in the Raymour and Flanigan Plaza
Nikki's Shag and Shiek on West Ave, off of 332
Rose Parlour on Pleasant Street, which runs parallel to 332 in the old section of downtown

Act 2 Consignment shop on Main
Changing Closets on Main, a few doors down from Act 2

Lu's Backdoor on Jefferson Street
Anything Goes in the Village Landing Plaza, off of 250

Emma's Consignment Cottage on High Street

Second Hand Rose on State Street

East Rochester:
Second Chance in the Piano Works Plaza
Cathy's Closet in the Country Club Plaza on 31 F

Other possible places to try:
Second Time Around on West Main Street in Webster
Chickabiddy's on Route 104 in Ontario

There were a few other listings, but Gorham, Clifton Springs and Wolcott are a little far to go. The way I have these listed would likely be the best way to go, starting in Canandaigua and working west. A few of these I need to just double check as to how to get there, but I could map out a route from this.

Questions, comments, suggestions?

In other news, winter coats have been put on layaway for the boys, and pajamas for them will likely follow. I need to keep an eye out for a coat while we're out, as mine is 15 years old and starting to fall apart.

Have a lovely day :) *hugs, smooches and the like*



I was watching VH1's 100 Biggest 1 Hit Wonders :) I love some of these songs, and it's cool to reconnect with them. I have to wonder, though, at VH1's definition of '1 hit wonder', though...A-Ha had more than one. So did Falco. Big Country had lots of hits...just not in the States.

I didn't make it to church today...sleeping til 10:15 tends to do that...so I got some much needed housework done. Thanks to all who made last night fun :) I didn't realize til way late that I needed the downtime. I do need to apologize for the snipiness during Apples...I feel kinda bad about it, and though it might have been quite true, it was mean spirited, and I don't want to do that. I did do us a favor, though, and gave the whole of the game a good shuffling. There were alot of cards I haven't seen in quite awhile :)

We tried a spiffy recipe for diner tonight...chicken breasts rolled around stuffing and baked with cream of chicken soup. I did it with no butter, fat free milk, and healthy request soup, and it was mighty tasty :) YAY for guilt free cooking :)

Angel is on. I could really get used to Christian Kane sans shirt, though I think I like him better with long hair. I have to hand it to Joss for allowing his folks to sing on his shows :)

The windchimes are singing...I like when it's windy.

Attack of the killer memes!!!

And it's all ladyportia1500's fault :) Duck!Collapse )

OK, time for bed...it was a DAY.


Kittens, kittens, more kittens :)

I got a call from the office manager about kittens being found in a storage room off of one of the townhouses today. I got to go investigate...sure enough, 3 ( isn't it always 3? ) little darlings, around 4 weeks old, were all curled up in the back storage room. The elderly gent who lives there assured me that the mama cat has been around alot, and is taking care of them, so we didn't feel an immediate need to take them to Lollypop. I examined them...a boy, a girl, and I couldn't quite tell on the other...and they seem quite healthy and responsive. Mama is doing her job well, and that makes me happy. The gentleman said he would be happy to 'keep them on as his guests'...I love this man!...til they were at least 6 weeks old, and then he would either take them to Lollypop for fostering, or he would find homes for them on his own :) He had made a nice bed up for them and everything. He mostly needed me to look at them to figure out their sex and age, and if they looked healthy for sure.

I'm starting to wonder if I'm being called to something :)


Random shtuffs....

Today, I am incredibly aware of how blessed I am. I have wonderful friends in my life :) I have a good marriage, awesome kids, and a job I like more and more. Amid the rumblings of hardship here and all around, I have hope. It is a good day :)

I've been ms. productive today. There are 2 pots of sauce simmering on the stove. There's chicken in the crock pot for dinner tonight. There's laundry going even as I type. There are plans to drop off sauce to dear lovies :) Some sauce is going with Hubby tomorrow. Some is going into the freezer. DVDs and tapes are being put away...those shelves have become a mess as of late...and the boys are outside enjoying the leaves :)

It's that time again. Yes, that time when I get antsy about my appearance, and usually want to color my hair. I think I'd like to have someone come with this time and help me pick a color. It was suggested that I try a deep red, as opposed to the Willow red I like, or the burgundy. Part of me wants to try some streaks, in orange or purple or something different. My hair is finally growing out a bit...it's seeming to take awhile, which is unsual...and I like the curls now. Any nifty suggestions of what I should do with it?

I just started volunteering in the school library this last week. Part of what I've been requested to do is to design and set up several of the display cases. I have a couple really good ideas for the next 2 months. I want to replace the Summertime one with a Change of Seasons, with books about harvest and scarecrows and autumn, with leaves, sunflowers, pumpkins and gourds, and a small scarecrow to decorate, and then a Warm Books for Cold Nights display, with a quilt for a backdrop, and stuffed animals and pillows, with books about hibernation, grandma's house, baking, warm smells...comfort books. I could use some other ideas, since there are creative people here :) Just keep in mind that this is for grades 1-3...no latex or leather ;)

The dryers beckon...*sigh*


My dream 'Lifetime Compilation'

30 years of cool songs I would like to get ahold of someday...

From 1975 to now...Collapse )

Holy friggin looooonnnnnnnnnng.


Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson....

I was looking at a USA Today this morning, and it mentioned the passing of Anne Bancroft. It wasn't so much the subject that caught me, but the header of the obit: "Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson", which is, of course, a reference to the character she played in The Graduate; also a reference to the Simon and Garfunkel song about the same character. I'm sure Anne Bancroft starred in other movies and played other characters, but 'Mrs. Robinson' is who she's best remembered as. We all have actors who will always be remembered as "a certain character"...so, who are they, and who did they play? Here's a small list from cinema:

Viggo Mortensen - Aragorn, LOTR
Mel Gibson - William Wallace, Braveheart
Cary Elwes - Westley, The Princess Bride
Sir Anthony Hopkins - Hannibal Lector, Silence of the Lambs
Julia Roberts - Vivian Ward, Pretty Woman
Sylvestor Stallone - Rocky
Mike Myers - Shrek
Johnny Depp - Edward Scissorhands
Winona Ryder - Lydia, Beetle Juice

And from TV....

Alyson Hannigan - Willow Rosenberg, BtVS
James Marsters - Spike, BtVS
Melissa Gilbert - Laura Ingalls, LHotP
Richard Dean Anderson - MacGyver
Henry Winkler - Fonzie, Happy Days

Y'all get the point :) So, who are they for you?? List away :) I'll be cross-posting this to some communities, so if you see it twice, apologies.

*is very very curious to see what happens in the James Bond category ;)*

Choose your weapon

Spiffy quiz gakked from <lj user=mechanchaos> and <lj user=blackfelicula>...Collapse )

Dang thing is taller than me!!!

Swimming lessons are finished tomorrow....YAY!!!! Both kids are actually swimming, and both have developed confidence. It was well worth the $80.

Has anyone ever noticed that when they work out, they're really friggin hungry? I don't feel like I did a good job with food intake today. Suggestions? Tomorrow, I think I can start doing the second part of the abdominal centering excersizes...yay for progress. I was also able to start adding weights to the cross training bit.



The good news: There's no stress fracture in Matt's foot, as has been suspected, so he won't need a cast.

The not-so-good news: He's to be off his feet as much as possible for the next week. Our doctor took him out of work for the next week...thank God he has vacation time, and can use it. He's also not allowed to do any overtime for a month. It's his right foot, so he shouldn't drive, either.

*sigh* The kicker is that it's not yet been 12 hours, and he's already tired of sitting around. *will have to see if I can find my crutches from when I killed my ankle*

I'm trying to keep a good attitude, and trying to be as helpful as I can, but part of me is so tired...I had to take on alot when Matt was working overtime, and am still doing alot, and here he is, home for a week, and can't do anything to alleviate my load...if anything, it's increased because he will need me to be there more for him. *sigh* I'm not angry...it's not at all his fault, and I feel so bad for him because he hates to be still like this and in pain...it's mostly my tiredness that's talking.

I'm watching ROTK:EE right now....I've forgotten how powerful the scene is, where the Rohirrim have arrived at Minas Tirith, and all shout 'Death!', and on the third shout, hearing Merry and Eowyn's voices crying out 'Death!!!'...still moves me as it did when I first saw it.

Oh well.... time for me to unwind. I have a good feeling that tomorrow will look better once sleep has happened.

OK, I've seen 74 of these....not bad...


1. Take this list and post it into your own LJ, and mark the movies you've seen.
2. Add five more movies to the end of the list.
3. Count how many X'es you have. If you've seen more than 70 movies, you are a ~*~ Movie Whore ~*~. Post the score of how many movies you've seen in the subject line.
4. Use a LJ-cut since you've got at least one LJ-friend who doesn't really want to see an ungodly number of movies snaking its way down the computer monitor. (Which at this posting is 337.)

movies listingsCollapse )

This has reminded me of all the movies I want to see yet :)


I decided to start over with my LJ icons...I found some pretty ones. FOr now, I have a limit of 3. I hope to remedy that soon, but in the meantime, enjoy the pretty art that accompanies my name on your LJ :)

Nighty night :)

Miscellaneous stuff

Wow, look at all the books!!! Thanks for the responses...it'll be good to start on these, to at least have some titles to look for.

I think I screwed up my knee. I stood up fast, and just about fell back down. I don't know what happened or why, but I can barely walk on it. It's marinating in Tiger Balm right now. *is hoping for better in the morning*

I am craving milk.


This morning was really good. I was confident playing bass for the first time :) I feel like I'm fulfilling a purpose when I'm singing or playing at church :)

The day was good, but long. I had planned to do laundry tonight, and possibly shopping, but that will wait til tomorrow...I have a really nasty headache, the first of this sort in more than a week. It will be another hour before I can take medicine for it *sigh*.

I missed folks last night :( *hugshugshugshugshugshugshugshugshugshugs* It's hard to miss gatherings, and it's hard to miss music practice. *loves* How is life for folks this week?

I installed Spybot... I know I'm an idiot and all, but is this program supposed to be so bloody hard? I'm getting about as many pop-ups with it than I am with IE.

Dakota is watching Mutual of Omaha...this is so cool. Some folks have a remote controlled camera, and it's out at night, monitering a lion pride. A male lion is sniffing at it and almost playing with it...it's an infrared camera....it's amesome to get this kind of look at a lion in it's element.

Ok, should get away from the big bright screen...get the kiddos ready for bed and things ready for tomorrow. *loves and hugs*
Ok, my hair is getting good again. It's growing out nicely. I've been wearing it differently, and using alot less product in it. My hair is liking this, and I'm liking how I've been looking.

I am wanting to do something with it, though. I'm thinking about dying it, just to do something fun with it. I'm not sure, though, what shade to go with. I could go with the red I used last time, which most of you saw. I've also been thinking of trying burgundy, for something a little edgier. I've never tried blonde before...having spent some quality time with Buffy, I'm considering it. ( was-up-til-2-am quality time with Buffy, thank you! )

I need some help....what color should I go with??? I use the Clairol Natural Instincts semi permanent color...Matt would shoot me if I did a permanent one...so if you're familiar with those shades, be specific. Does anyone know if semi permanent color washes out of eyebrows at the same rate as it washes out of hair? I'm wanting to color my brows...any pointers??

Please...tell me what to do!!!!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

I hope the day is blessed, all of you who can see this.

*hugs, loves and smooches*


I have absolutely nothing to say right now, soooooo.....


If you can see this, you've been pounced on and hugged silly :)

Have a :) day!
I feel lonely.

I feel scared.

I feel hated and attacked.

Apparently, I can't be a good friend today because my political position is just a little too far to the right for me to possibly understand how important this was to everyone.

Thanks guys.

Clue me in, please...

I'm learning to play the bass, and am coming along well so far. In the process of this, I'm realizing I need to be re-taught in basic theory. So, I have a few questions.

A) What is the difference between a major scale and a minor scale?

B) What makes a chord a 7th? Or an 11th, for that matter?

C) On a fake sheet ( a sheet with just lyrics and chords ), when it says Bm 7, I assume that means B minor 7th. On a bass, which note should I be playing? The B, or whatever the 7th is?

*is going to glue brain back together...errrr....practice*



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